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An area in which we specialise is the design and hand-manufacture of timber windows for properties of all styles and architectural periods around our hometown of Sutton, and nearby service areas such as Epsom, Esher, Wandsworth, Dorking and Wimbledon. FENA accredited and a member of the government-authorised Competent Persons Scheme, we adhere to all relevant UK Building Regulations to ensure that your timber windows will be safe, secure and energy efficient.

We work with hand-selected hardwoods and softwoods, chosen for their richness and quality, and use our depth of experience to create exceptionally detailed timber windows bespoke to client specifications. Great efforts are taken to ensure that they perfectly complement both the exterior of the property, and interiors – melding with existing features such as blinds or shutters.

Past projects we’ve taken on around Sutton, Epsom, Dorking, Esher, Wandsworth and Wimbledon include restoration work on period properties. So if you’re looking to restore a home or commercial premises with a rich history, without tarnishing its charming character, we’d love to hear from you.


Why Choose Timber Windows?

Environment – Ecological consciousness is at an all-time high, and consumers want to know that the products they’re purchasing aren’t contributing to the dire image of collapse that modern science has painted; the same goes for investing in a property. So it’s great to know that timber windows are environmentally friendly to produce, especially when hardwood is purchased from sustainable sources that actively avoid contribution to deforestation. Green minded clients in and around Sutton, Epsom, Esher, Dorking, Wandsworth and Wimbledon can thus rest easy, knowing that when they choose a joinery company like LDS Joinery, their choice is a wise one that doesn’t conflict with their ethical values.

Lifespan – When properly cared for and not subject to excessive wear and tear, timber can last an incredibly long time – often longer than their uPVC and aluminium cousins. While the average lifespan of the former is around 30 years, there are timber windows around Sutton, Dorking, Epsom, Esher, Wandsworth and Wimbledon which will last indefinitely. This is especially true when you choose a veteran joinery company like LDS to build yours, and ensure you keep on top of treatment and re-finishing as and when appropriate.

Aesthetics – It’s certainly true that synthetic materials like uPVC windows and aluminium windows have come a long way, and can now look stylish and sophisticated rather than plain and uninspired. But for many, natural materials like hardwood are the only option they’ll entertain. Often it’s due to the fact that their particular Sutton, Epsom, Esher, Dorking, Wandsworth or Wimbledon property is of an architectural design or period that simply won’t match up with more “modern” fixtures. On the other hand, a rich hardwood, bespoke to your specifications, will offer curb appeal and a feast for the eyes!

The Perfect Finish for Loft Conversions – Conservation Windows

If you’re launching a loft conversion project in a conservation area, you may feel somewhat restricted by the various limitations imposed by local planners. For example, you may be told you can’t use standard roof windows due to the fact they are too dissimilar to your roof’s existing materials. That’s where LDS Joinery comes in. We manufacture bespoke conservation windows for clients throughout Surrey and South West London – including Epsom, Esher, Dorking, Sutton, Wandsworth and Wimbledon – which carefully blend in with your roof and allow that essential light and air full access to your converted roof space.

In terms of form and function, conservation windows really aren’t too different from the standard roof windows most loft conversions feature – e.g your typical Velux window. However, they will colour match your roof tiling, sit flush with the roof material (rather than protrude from the roof), and feature a glazing bar running down the middle of the glass. Keep in mind you will still need to seek the guidance of your local conservation officer, to ensure that conservation windows are an appropriate option that will allow you to receive the green light on your project.

But conservation windows aren’t just employed for this purpose. In fact, many of our customers in and around the Epsom, Esher, Sutton, Dorking, Wandsworth and Wimbledon areas choose them due to an aesthetic preference. They themselves want their roofline to stay as unchanged as possible, and find that conservation windows help achieve this goal.

Learn more about how the timber windows designed, crafted and installed by LDS Joinery can add value to a property, whether you’re in Sutton, Wimbledon or elsewhere in Surrey or London.