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There are a number of reasons why it might one day make sense to replace essential fixtures and fittings in your property, such as front doors and timber windows, or internal doors and the door furniture they’re paired with. That’s the subject of this page, which specifically targets clients in one of our core service areas: Esher. We’re proud to be known as Esher’s first choice joinery company, based just a moment’s away in nearby Cheam, Sutton.

But if you’ve found this page because you want to discuss our product range – such as the plantation shutters and sash windows we’re known for hand-manufacturing and fitting within Esher homes and commercial spaces – skip ahead and call us on 020 8652 7476.


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Why Invest in New Doors & Windows for Your Esher Home?

Security – When it comes to structurally compromised (e.g due to warping or improper installation) or simply poorly manufactured fixtures, you could be facing a serious security risk. Most break ins in Esher and its surrounds happen due to a certain opportunism: a burglar spots a vulnerability they can exploit and returns when they believe the property is empty. Strong, well-made front doors, timber windows and similar can deter these would-be intruders, as they are difficult access points compared with an age old uPVC door that’s barely shutting in the first place!

Energy Bills – It may prove puzzling, reading your energy bill and wondering: why on earth does it cost so much to heat this property? Oftentimes the answer is your doors and windows. If they score low in terms of energy rating, have been poorly installed, or are old and have vulnerabilities that are (common suspects are seals and door furniture / hardware) allowing hot air to escape, then it might make long-term financial sense to replace them. With quality, chambered glazing and the meticulous craftsmanship we put into the structure of front doors and interior doors, sash windows or timber windows – you’ll help improve your Esher residence’s carbon footprint while saving money on bills day in and day out!

Aesthetic – Old, damaged or simply long out of style doors and windows can really hamper a property, significantly impacting both its curb appeal and the quality of its interior design scheme. And sometimes, that’s simply enough of a reason to invest in new interior doors, front doors, door hardware, timber windows – or something in-vogue that will single-handedly transform a room, or rooms in an Esher property: plantation shutters. As we hand-manufacture bespoke fittings to your precise tastes, we can create products that are sleek and modern, or traditional with a rustic air, to ensure that they fit in perfectly with your property’s architectural features.

Noise Insulation – It’s easy to forget what a massive difference quality front doors, interior doors or timber windows can make when it comes to reducing the sound both entering and exiting a space. In fact, many Esher residents come to us as they sit on a busy road and wish for a quiet night’s sleep, or perhaps are musicians, and wish to avoid noise complaints. We keep these very particular needs in mind as we hand-manufacture products that target fixtures that may currently be allowing sound to leak in or out. Whether in the form of new front doors, interior doors, timber windows or sash windows – we’ll ensure the design employed, and materials used prioritise sound insulation.

Convinced it’s time to update your property with new interior doors, timber windows or another product hand-manufactured by our joinery company near Esher? Call the LDS team on 020 8652 7476.