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Beautiful, Made-to-Measure Plantation Shutters in Sutton | LDS Joinery

An increasingly popular option for both homes and commercial environments are plantation shutters: wooden, slatted blinds that occupy their own frame, attached to your window sill or door. Simple yet stylish, they tick all the functional essentials. They are easy to operate, protect against heat and from prying eyes, are adjustable to let in more or less light, and are also low maintenance. So it’s no wonder they prove so popular amongst our clients, who come to us from areas including Epsom, Esher, Dorking, Sutton, Wandsworth, Wimbledon, and all other areas of Surrey and South West London.

LDS Joinery operates a workshop and showroom in Cheam. In the former, we develop and manufacture the products you’ll see in the latter. They span a broad range of styles, for plantation shutters are certainly not “one-size-fits-all”, and there are many options you can choose from to ensure that they gel with your home’s period and existing design. Below, we’ve run over these different styles for the benefit of inquiring customers.

All our plantation shutters are made-to-measure, and we provide an in-house installation service in and around the aforementioned areas of Epsom, Dorking, Esher, Sutton, Wandsworth and Wimbledon. We can cater for all architectural eras, and use our depth of experience to help customers find the ideal plantation shutters to meet their requirements. Colours and hardware can also be customised, so you can really get creative and avoid the need for compromise.

Read on to learn more about the different styles of plantation shutters we manufacture, or call us on 020 8652 7476 – we can arrange a convenient time to take measurements and discuss different options with you.


Styles of Plantation Shutters

Full Height Plantation Shutters – A single frame covers the entirety of a window. It’s a sleek and versatile option, which suits most properties in and around Epsom, Esher, Sutton, Wandsworth, Wimbledon. No wonder it’s the most popular amongst our customers!

Tier-on-Tier Plantation Shutters – While still covering the entirety of a window, similarly to full height shutters, these are split into two rows. This means the top section can be opened while the below remains closed, letting in light but maintaining privacy, or vice versa.

Café Style Plantation Shutters – Many Epsom, Esher, Dorking, Sutton, Wandsworth and Wimbledon customers love this option as it leaves the top section of windows uncovered. By covering solely the bottom portion of windows, you can improve privacy while maximising light access.

Bespoke Shaped Plantation Shutters – If you have oddly shaped windows, or want to achieve something truly unique, LDS Joinery can design and manufacture windows to your precise specifications. Size and style of slats and frame can be customised in any way you see fit. For example, slats can range from 64mm to 89mm.

Tilt Rods

Whatever style of plantation shutters you opt for, you’ll open and close them with the use of a tilt rod, an essential part of the design and a highly convenient one. There are two core types worth mentioning:

Traditional Tilt Rods – These sit in the centre of your plantation shutters, and as their name suggests, offer a more traditional or rustic aesthetic.

Contemporary Tilt Rods – Epsom, Esher, Dorking, Sutton, Wandsworth and Wimbledon clients who value sleek and minimal design may wish to opt for contemporary tilt rods, which are built into the frames of plantation shutters.

To discuss the plantation shutters we manufacture and install in properties around the Epsom, Esher, Dorking, Sutton, Wandsworth and Wimbledon areas, call LDS Joinery on 020 8652 7476.