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One of the first things you see when approaching a property, and a part of the house that is constantly seeing use: it’s important that front doors both look great, and tick all the essential boxes in regards to performance. For example, front doors need to be secure and not exploitable by opportunistic would-be intruders. They also need to trap in the heat to keep your energy bills down, and be easy and smooth to open and close as you come and go. LDS Joinery, based in Sutton and covering all surrounding areas including Epsom, Esher, Dorking, Wandsworth and Wimbledon, manufactures made-to-measure timber and composite front doors that score highly in all the aforementioned categories.

We work with clients to ensure front doors perfectly match their property’s architecture, and communicate their own unique aesthetic identity. Whether you like minimalist, modern front doors or ones that suggest a rich and rustic past, we’ll be able to accommodate you. As well as designing and manufacturing your new front doors, we’ll install them to ensure seamless integration and a long lifespan to come. To book a consultation or have us take measurements, give the team at our Sutton showroom a call on 020 8652 7476, or pay us a visit in the flesH. You’ll get to see some of the fantastic products we manufacture at our local workshop.

Composite Doors

At the heart of composite front doors is a high-density poly foam core, which occupies a timber frame. Aluminium inserts provide further reinforcement, and an outer layer of glass-reinforced plastic finishes the job. This creates an extremely durable end product that is extraordinarily energy efficient, and looks fantastic.

Customers in and around Sutton, Epsom, Esher, Dorking, Wandsworth and Wimbledon can choose from different finishes, colouring and door hardware to create unique, bespoke front doors that see your ideas come to life. On top of all the aforementioned benefits, composite front doors are low maintenance and simply require the odd wipe down. They do not require re-finishing.

Timber Doors

Sometimes, you simply want something that’s rich and timeless – and timber embodies both these adjectives. But it’s important to choose the right joinery company to craft timber front doors, as mass manufactured timber doors can leave much to be desired…

LDS Joinery operates a workshop in Sutton where we craft bespoke timber front doors with fire resistant and energy efficient qualities, ensuring that you receive a product suitable for the modern age. They’re completely bespoke and can be customised in any way you see fit, so you can create a consistent façade that adds a significant amount of curb appeal to your Epsom, Esher, Dorking, Wandsworth or Wimbledon property.


Call the LDS Joinery team on 020 8652 7476 to discuss the different options we have available when it comes to front doors. We cover Sutton, Wimbledon, Epsom and all surrounding areas.