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As well as the design, manufacture and installation of external and internal doors, we supply and install door furniture – a broad term which takes in everything from handles and door lettering, to letterboxes and latches. After all, it’s important to have high quality door furniture for a number of reasons, which cover both aesthetics and the door’s basic functionality. Domestic and commercial clients throughout Surrey and South West London – including Epsom, Esher, Dorking, Wandsworth and Wimbledon – choose Sutton’s LDS Joinery for high quality door furniture, that’s going to last a long time and add appeal to their properties.

Below, we’ve run over the different types of door furniture that you can choose from. If you’d like further information about our range, visit our Sutton showroom or give us a call directly on 020 8652 7476.

Types of Door Furniture

Handles – You’re going to get a lot of use out of your door handle; it’s positioned in a way which puts it front and centre when approaching your property. This means it needs to operate smoothly, not compromise security, and look good while doing so, Common types of door handles include lever on back plate handles, lever on rose handles, D pull handles, flush pull handles, traditional doorknobs and thumb turns – most commonly employed in Sutton, Dorking, Epsom, Esher, Wandsworth and Wimbledon homes with interior doors for bathrooms.

Knockers – While doorbells have certainly made door knockers less of an absolute necessity, they’re certainly not an item entirely relegated to the past. They have a certain charm, and are also quite useful for when doorbells break or are hard to hear in certain parts of the house. We provide a range of options in many styles to clients who want to have a door knocker, so they can match their door and wider property’s design theme.

Lettering – Important so that your house can be found by the postman, delivery companies, friends and family, lettering can also add some unique flair to a door. It should be visible, clear and as with most other types of door furniture we fit around the Sutton, Dorking, Epsom, Esher, Wandsworth and Wimbledon areas – a great match for your property’s façade and the type of door itself.

Letterboxes – We have a range of letterboxes for composite and timber doors which are both stylish and tough enough to put up with everyday use. They cover all the standard formats – 10in, 12in and 12in slim line, for example.

Door Latches – Just as with other aspects of door furniture, there are many different types of door latches with their own particular characteristics. There are tubular latches, rollerbolt latches, sash locks, bathroom locks, dead locks, rim locks and rim latches, and which will best suit you depends on your choice of door and frame, as well as security needs. The LDS Joinery team is on hand to provide advice should you be unsure which will be best.

Door Stops – Prevent interior doors from suffering wear and tear, while protecting the walls they might clatter against. They needn’t be ugly and purely utilitarian features, however. Why not add a stylish door stop that complements surrounding features and the type of door you’ve opted for?

Iron & Pewter Door Furniture – Pursing a traditional aesthetic? Something that recalls yesteryear, without the price tag of a genuine antique? Why not consider incorporating iron or pewter door furniture with timber front doors? We’ve seen it add a little extra “wow-factor” to properties in our principal service areas time and time again, including in our hometown or Sutton, and nearby Epsom, Esher, Dorking, Wandsworth and Wimbledon.

Contact our Sutton based team to discuss our range of door furniture and the options you have at your disposal. Simply dial 020 8652 7476 at your earliest convenience!