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There aren’t too many independent and family-run joinery businesses still operating around Sutton – but LDS Joinery continues to march to the beat of its own drum, crafting and installing beautiful modern fixtures and fittings, including front doors, internal doors, plantation shutters, timber windows, sash windows and door furniture for our loyal customers. There are numerous advantages to this independence, which our customers benefit from. On this page, we look at a few.

If you’re more interested in discussing our product range with us, and how we can help you level up your residential or commercial property, simply pick up the phone and call our friendly team on 020 8652 7476.


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The Advantages of Independence

Service – With manufacturers of mass-made products, you often deal with customer service operatives who don’t always have the answers. In short, there’s a certain bureaucracy which means you’re often dealing with middle-men. Not so with Sutton’s LDS Joinery. You’ll be communicating with a very small and tight-knit team, who are here to provide an exceptional standard of customer service whatever you’re investing in – from front doors to internal doors, plantation shutters to timber windows, sash windows to door furniture…

This means ultra-fast response times, answers to any questions you might have, and advice on the initial design phase. We’ll adapt and ensure that your experience investing in your property and upgrading its essential elements is not just a pleasant one, but one you feel compelled to recommend to friends and family in and around the Sutton area!

Products – Larger manufacturers whose joinery is often outsourced or carried out in a production-line environment – a factory rather than a workshop – typically make generic doors and windows which are designed to appeal to as many would be customers as possible. This makes them fairly forgettable. You may even see multiple people on any given street around Sutton with the exact same front doors, timber windows, plantation shutters, sash windows or door furniture.

At LDS Joinery, we believe properties are entirely unique, and reflections of their owners’ personalities and tastes. Thus, there shouldn’t be any compromise when it comes to your fixtures! So we work closely with clients to translate their ideas into reality. Even the smallest of details will be incorporated in the products you invest in, so you can impress visitors and court that coveted curb appeal!

Community – As smaller, independent businesses across a whole host of industries continue to get pushed out by large corporations whose business ethics are often questionable, and their quality of product and customer service not always stellar, it pays to support community businesses who are genuine faces-about-town. We live locally, work locally and recruit locally. We’re proud to be a Sutton business – and hope to continue to business here for many, many more decades to come.

So what are you waiting for? Contact LDS Joinery on 020 8652 7476 if you’re searching for a Sutton joinery company which manufacture and install high quality products, including front doors.